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Well maybe they get sent to a certain point in time where she can erase something she did that lead to this mess of her life. Or they are just in empty Mystic Falls.

i LOVE the idea, this way, we can revive all the show s1-s5 but with Damon by Bonnie’s side in those moments this time :o How awesome would that be ? 

Ian Somerhalder telling the real reason why there are not Bonnie/Damon scenes on The Vampire Diaries. +


Interviewer: Will we get an inkling of a Bonnie and Damon romance? There is a big fandom that wants them together.

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Ian: There is a very thin line between love and hate, and if you take an eraser and erase part of the line, you can kinda cross part of the line.

Ian: There were scenes in season two between Bonnie and Damon and the two of them together, the energy between the two of them……when Kat and I are on set, the shit going on through our minds that we know about that no one else knows about, is so cool, and so dynamic and it comes up on screen and uh basically that’s why you don’t see Bonnie and Damon together very much because there is so much chemistry, there is so much happening right there, so now I think we sorta have the full fledged ability to explore that and it’s going to be a lot of fun.




I am posting these here because I need them in the tags. THE SECOND ONE. SHIT.

Kat and Paul laughing at Ian | Kat and Ian laughing at Paul

Ian x hot


Ian x hot

It’s so weird the cast can’t say anything about the other side, i feel more and more intrigued, but also very frustrated because we have to wait til October to see what happenned to our bbs Bonnie and Damon <3 :( it’s too far awaaay !


"So, we know that Bonnie and Damon are going to be together somewhere mysterious…"
"It’s called the Other Side. Not Damon’s bedroom… or it could be, who knows?" (x)