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Right, so I watched the Bamon scene on YT and I am totally in love. I have hated Damon for so long and now I’m like…I don’t want to want this, but it’s so refreshing and interesting and I can’t stop.

I ship it.

I want to join the bamily, but I’m a little hesitant because it seems like a lot of you guys love Steroline and I absolutely despise it, lol.

Can I still hang out?

Bamon shipper here, and i dont want Steroline, only as friends. ;)


everyday i tell you i hate that

Ian discusses Bonnie and Damon in 5x22 (x)


Don’t watch 6x08……

Yeah but it was inevitable, still they will be reunited but do you really think it will be happily ever after ? I think their couple will go down from there, after what Damon would have experienced, it will never be the same…well it’s my opinion ;)


HIMYM Finale Table Read

I did it again. This is probably the last time I’ll upload it, so watch it before it gets taken down — again. 


I’m so sick of the world we live in, what happened to Hervé Gourdel is terrible, i just can’t believe that people are able to do things like that and what makes me even more sick is that no one in my country is doing a single thing to protest against that, terrorism is the scourge of our century and this poor guy is just another example of what they can do, these people are not humans they are monsters. I’m sorry i don’t like to talk about things like that here, i know this is not the first time or the last that something like that happens, but god, this poor man went out there for his work and he got kidnapped and beheaded, i just can’t stop crying when i think about it . I really hope that someday people in my country are going to wake up and that we are going to do something, to protest, idk what, but we need to do something is that what we want for our future childrens ?? A world where we live in fear all the time because of these terrorists ??


Damon || Bonnie  but it’s all just the way that we cope with our lives