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TVD season 6 poster 


TVD season 6 poster 



Elena in 1x05:  I’m not going to be one of those pathetic girls, whose world stops spinning because of some guy.

Elena in 3x07: But it’s not real. She’s dead. Gone. Everything that you’re holding on to is in the past, Jer. Are you going to love a ghost for the rest of your life?

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3x07: (Elena to Stefan) I won’t love a ghost for the rest of my life.”

Tyler & Elena

Delena fans after Ian post the Bamon pic on facebook



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Beremy || Bamon : That would suck if it hurt.

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Damon & Bonnie + Secretly Married [part 2] | [part 1]


  A dinner date wth Paul Wesley [x]

I get it about DB going through a bonding experience that other people can't understand but that doesn't necessarily equate to them falling in love. TVD is not a movie, it's a slow-moving tv show. JP started building DE in S1 and they didn't get together until S4. Really not until S5. They teased Klaroline for 3 seasons, they've built Steroline for at least two full seasons and I think longer and still haven't launched them. I don't see DE ending and Bamon happening within a handful of episodes.


Ah. But here’s the thing. They’ve been BUILDING Bamon since SEASON ONE. Whether or not people want to accept it, Bamon have the STRONGEST foundation for a relationship built than any other pairing on the show. It’s a whole hell of a lot stronger than Steroline’s foundation and Klaroline’s foundation, two ships that literally were pulled out of JP’s ass as fan-service. We’ve gotten Bamon moments every single season. Few moments, yes. but SOLID moments. Those moments established that Damon and Bonnie, in their own messed up way, care about one another a great deal. We got Damon saving Bonnie’s life twice. We got Damon waiting on an island for Bonnie and hugging her. We got Elena saying that Damon kind of loves Bonnie. So if they kind of already LOVE eachother, how much more of a stretch would it be for them to fall IN love? Do you see? The foundation is already THERE. The LOVE is already there. It’s just one more step to fall in love. Bamon has been BUILT girl. For five damn seasons. They’ve been BUILT. And we are about to see it come to fruition. And it’s going to be glorious. Just you wait. 

And, hey, if you ever need more proof of just how possible it is to make a ship like Bamon work on a slow-moving TV show, look at Clois. Clana was built through Seasons 1 - 7 of Smallville and even while Clark was with Lana, the writers were building Clois on the side from Seasons 4 through 10. So that when Lana was no longer a part of Clark’s life after Season 7, the foundation with Lois was already there to take over. The love for Lois was already there. Because of the foundation that they had even while Clark was with Lana. And all Clark needed to do was fall in love with her in no time whatsoever and realize that Lois was the one who he needed all along :) When all else fails, remember Clois!